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Special Paint airbrush work has recently been winning increasingly more appeal owing to the influence of popular TV programs from Discovery. The embellishment of your motorbike, car, guitar, motorcycle helmet, airplane, your refrigerator or even just your computer cabinet with a spectacular airbrush is something that is appealing more and more to many. 

As a specialty airbrush business we've been leading the way for years with a very wide range of special paint materials, stencils, paints, airbrushes and paint spray guns.

Airbrush Services Almere is the distributor for Createx in the Netherlands and carries all the colors from the Auto Air series in stock. With more than 250 (often special) colors, various Base coats and a range of additives, Createx sets the scene with a new generation of water based custom paints which are odorless, harmless to health and easy to use for both the professional custom painter as well as the novice airbrusher.

 New to the range are Createx Auto Borne and Wicked colors, the new standard in Airbrush paint, super fine pigments for the finest detail work, not tip dry and giving very good coverage; combine these with the usual Auto Air colors and you are ready for every special paint job.

 Createx Auto Air is available from stock in 60 and 120 cc bottles and on order in favorably priced liters and gallons.

In order to properly process these paints, there is a free product information booklet available (in English) which clearly describes how you can work with Createx Auto-Air.

Also for Pinstriping materials and striping tools is Airbrush Services Almere the right adres, we have all the brushes from Steve Kafka on stock aswell a large collection of the famous Mack brushes. We have all the 1Shot colors on stock and two types of the Beugler striping tools.

 The Airbrush Kolors from INSPIRE are new in stock. This famous special paint is now available in small size 100ml. bottles and mostly ready to spray. CANDY'S , METAL FLAKES, PEARLS, SPECTRACOAT, CHROME, FLIP FLOP, a range of BASE COATS and a beautifull 2K CLEAR

A complete paintsystem not only for the demanding specialpaintartists but also for all kind of other airbrushjobs. Inspire can be ordered in liters also. Inspire is manufactured in Europe, the shippingcosts are low so we can offer Inspire at intersting prices!

To learn about more ideas and the necessary Tips & Tricks, we have a wide assortment of books and DVD's about Custom Painting and special paint.


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Airbrushwork by Patric Dodde

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Airbrushwork of Eric de Hoop